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Welcome to Mason Home: Your Destination for Exquisite Vases & Planters

At Mason Home, we believe in the beauty of nature and the elegance of design. Our collection of Vases & Planters is a testament to that belief, offering you a diverse range of options to elevate your space. From the mesmerizing Tulum Planter to the sophisticated Rustic Gold Planter, we have carefully curated each piece to bring a touch of artistry to your surroundings.

Exploring the Details: Test Tube Plant Holders in Gold and Rose Gold

Imagine delicate vines or vibrant blooms suspended in air, their roots dancing within transparent tubes. Our Test Tube Plant Holders in Gold and Rose Gold offer a whimsical yet modern way to display your botanical treasures. The shimmering allure of gold or the soft elegance of rose gold adds a touch of luxury to your interior. These holders are a perfect blend of innovation and design, letting you showcase the beauty of nature in a completely unique manner.

A Touch of Opulence: Safi Planters in Rose Gold and Silver

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, our Safi Planters come in both Rose Gold and Silver variants. These planters are a true embodiment of sophistication, adding a sense of grandeur to any space. The radiant Rose Gold brings warmth, while the Silver exudes timeless charm. Let your plants bask in the glory of these exquisite planters as they become living art pieces in your home.

Textured Elegance: Texture Black and Texture Grey Planters

Texture speaks volumes in design, and our Texture Black and Texture Grey Planters do just that. The interplay of light and shadow on their textured surfaces adds depth and character to your botanical arrangements. These planters are a testament to modern minimalism with a twist, seamlessly blending into various décor styles while still standing out as striking pieces of art.

Unparalleled Grace: Madison Planter Set in Rose Gold

The Madison Planter Set in Rose Gold is a symphony of elegance and functionality. This set of planters allows you to create a cohesive and captivating display. The matching Rose Gold finish ties the arrangement together while each planter tells its own story. Let your creativity flourish as you compose a living masterpiece with the Madison Planter Set.

Embracing Nature: Rattan and Kovo Rattan Planters

Bringing a touch of nature indoors is made effortless with our Rattan Planters and Kovo Rattan Planters. The intricate weaving of rattan adds an earthy, organic element to your space. The Kovo variant further elevates the design with its modern geometric shape. These planters are a celebration of the harmony between nature-inspired aesthetics and contemporary design.

Modern Simplicity: Giza Grey, Gold, Beige, and Black Planters

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and our Giza Planters embody this philosophy. Available in Grey, Gold, Beige, and Black, these planters embrace clean lines and understated elegance. Whether you prefer the industrial edge of Grey and Black or the subtle radiance of Gold and Beige, these planters offer a canvas for your botanical expressions.

Elegance in Details: Fluted Brown and Fluted Gold Planters

The Fluted Planters, in both Brown and Gold, are a tribute to intricate detailing. The fluted design adds a tactile dimension, inviting you to explore their surfaces with your eyes and fingers. The Brown exudes warmth, while the Gold exudes opulence. These planters are perfect for those who appreciate craftsmanship and aesthetics in equal measure.

Architectural Marvel: Babylon Pillar Planter

The Babylon Pillar Planter is more than just a planter; it's a piece of architectural art. Its tall, pillar-like design demands attention, making it a focal point in any setting. Whether gracing an entryway or standing majestically in a living room corner, this planter adds a touch of grandiosity to your space.

Sleek Harmony: Olive Green and Black Planter Sets

Our Olive Green and Black Planter Sets are a lesson in sleek harmony. The sets are meticulously crafted to create a unified visual impact while allowing each planter to maintain its individuality. These sets are perfect for those who appreciate balance and unity in design, offering a cohesive way to display your botanical favorites.

The Classic Touch: Gold, Beige, and Off White Vases

Vases are timeless pieces that transcend trends, and our Gold, Beige, and Off White Vases embody this classic appeal. These vases are versatile accents that can hold a single stem or a lush bouquet with equal grace. Their understated beauty complements a variety of aesthetics, making them a staple in any home.

From Nature to Desk: Barrel and Desk Planters

Bringing nature to your desk or workspace is a breeze with our Barrel and Desk Planters. These compact yet impactful planters are designed to fit seamlessly into your office environment. Let the soothing presence of greenery enhance your productivity and brighten your workspace with these thoughtfully crafted planters.

Geometric Delight: Triad and Quad Planters

Geometric patterns bring a sense of order and intrigue to design, and our Triad and Quad Planters do just that. The triangular and square compartments allow you to experiment with various plant combinations. These planters are a canvas for your creativity, enabling you to create living geometric arrangements that captivate the eye.

Captivating Radiance: Arizona Rose Gold Planter

The Arizona Rose Gold Planter is a radiant masterpiece that commands attention. Its unique shape and lustrous finish make it a work of art in itself. This planter is for those who aren't afraid to make a statement, to let their love for design shine just as brightly as their beloved plants.

Understated Elegance: Ivory Planter

Simplicity can often be the pinnacle of sophistication, and our Ivory Planter embodies this philosophy. Its clean lines and understated elegance allow your plants to take center stage. The Ivory finish complements any color palette, making it a versatile addition to your interior design.

Graceful Whimsy: Ruffle Planters in White, Black, and Grey

The Ruffle Planters are a delightful play of form and function. Their ruffled edges add a touch of whimsy to the minimalist design, creating a sense of softness amidst the clean lines. Available in White, Black, and Grey, these planters are a harmonious blend of elegance and playfulness.

Elevating Aesthetics: Wooden Planters With Stand in Black and Gold

Elevate your plants, quite literally, with our Wooden Planters With Stand in Black and Gold. The combination of wood and metal offers a modern yet natural aesthetic. The stand not only adds height to your plants but also serves as an artful accent. These planters prove that functionality can be as beautiful as it is practical.

Timeless Beauty: Bloom Beige and White Vases

The Bloom Vases in Beige and White are a celebration of organic forms and delicate aesthetics. Their flowing silhouettes evoke the gentle unfurling of petals, creating a sense of movement even when stationary. These vases are an ode to the beauty of nature, capturing its essence in sculptural form.

Find Your Perfect Vase and Planter at Mason Home

At Mason Home, we understand that beauty lies in the details, in the artful union of design and nature. Our collection of Vases & Planters is a reflection of this understanding, offering you a myriad of choices to express your unique style. From the luxurious allure of gold to the timeless elegance of classic vases, we have something for every design sensibility.

Explore, Create, Elevate: Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Vase & Planter

Consider Your Space: Think about where you want to place your vase or planter. Consider the size, shape, and color of the piece in relation to your space's overall design.

Match or Contrast: Decide whether you want your vase or planter to blend in with your décor or stand out as a statement piece. Matching colors can create harmony, while contrasting colors can add drama.

Plant Compatibility: If you're using your planter for live plants, ensure it's suited to the plant's size and growth needs. Some plants require deeper pots, while others thrive in shallow ones.

Material Matters: Choose a material that complements your interior. Wood brings warmth, metal adds a modern touch, and ceramics offer a timeless appeal.

Texture and Pattern: Think about the textures and patterns in your space. A textured planter can add depth, while a patterned vase can enhance visual interest.

Height and Proportion: Consider the height of your vase or planter, especially in relation to the plants it will hold. Taller planters can add vertical interest, while shorter ones are great for tabletops.

Grouping and Arrangement: Don't hesitate to mix and match different vases and planters. Grouping them together can create a captivating display that tells a story.

Explore Our Collection Today and Elevate Your Space with Mason Home Vases & Planters

Now that you've delved into the world of exquisite Vases & Planters at Mason Home, it's time to explore our collection and find the perfect pieces for your home. Whether you're drawn to the modern elegance of Rose Gold or the timeless charm of classic vases, our curated selection has something to suit every taste. Elevate your space with the beauty of nature and the artistry of design. Shop Mason Home today.