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Mason Home - Your Source for Stylish Mugs and More

Are you an avid coffee or tea drinker, constantly in search of the perfect vessel to savor your favorite brew? Look no further! Mason Home offers a stunning collection of mugs and beverage accessories that will elevate your daily sipping experience. With a wide range of options, including coffee mugs, tea cups and saucers, kulhads, cups and sets, and unique miscellaneous options, we have something to suit every taste. Let's dive deeper into our offerings:

Coffee Mugs

At Mason Home, we understand that your morning ritual deserves the best. Our coffee mugs are designed not only to hold your favorite brew but also to add a touch of style to your daily routine.

Pichwai - Coffee Mug Pink (Set Of 2)

Indulge in the delicate charm of our Pichwai - Coffee Mug Pink. This set of two mugs is adorned with intricate pink designs, offering a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. The pink hues add a dash of elegance to your coffee break.

Pichwai - Coffee Mug Green (Set Of 2)

For those who appreciate greenery and tranquility, our Pichwai - Coffee Mug Green is the perfect choice. The serene green designs on these mugs create a sense of calm and connection with nature while sipping your coffee.

Jaen Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

The Jaen Coffee Mug Set, with its classic design and sturdy handle, ensures your coffee experience is both comfortable and timeless. It's perfect for those who prefer simplicity and functionality in their mugs.

Striped Ivory Coffee Mug (Set of 2)

The Striped Ivory Coffee Mug Set is a study in elegance and minimalism. Its timeless stripes and neutral colors make it a versatile choice, ideal for any coffee lover's collection.

Male Striped Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

Mason Home's Male Striped Coffee Mug Set introduces a bold and distinctive pattern to your coffee routine. The contrasting stripes give your mornings a unique edge.

Multicolor Ombre Coffee Mugs (Set Of 4)

If you're a fan of vibrant colors, our Multicolor Ombre Coffee Mugs are the right choice for you. This set of four mugs features a gradient of colors that bring energy and zest to your coffee sessions.

Teal Ombre Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

For a more soothing and calming color palette, the Teal Ombre Coffee Mug Set is perfect. The serene shades of teal create a tranquil atmosphere as you sip your coffee.

Pink Ombre Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

Indulge in the blissful harmony of pink hues with our Pink Ombre Coffee Mug Set. The gentle transition of colors adds a touch of elegance to your coffee break.

Pichwai - Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

The Pichwai - Coffee Mug Set offers a timeless design with a cultural twist. The rich patterns and colors on these mugs make each sip a celebration of artistry.

Blue & Pink Ombre Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

The Blue & Pink Ombre Coffee Mug Set combines the serenity of blue with the vibrancy of pink. This delightful combination makes for an eye-catching addition to your coffee collection.

Savannah Mug - Set of 2

If you're a fan of earthy tones, the Savannah Mug Set is designed just for you. The warm, rustic colors evoke the feeling of a cozy morning in the savannah.

White Etched Mug (Set of 2)

Experience the classic beauty of our White Etched Mug Set. The delicate etching on these mugs adds an element of sophistication to your coffee or tea.

Wave Mug (Set of 2)

Our Wave Mug Set brings a touch of the ocean to your mornings. The wavy patterns on these mugs provide a sense of relaxation with every sip.

Rann Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

For those who appreciate a touch of the desert in their lives, the Rann Coffee Mug Set is the perfect choice. The warm and earthy tones capture the essence of the vast Rann of Kutch.

Pumpkin Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

Our Pumpkin Coffee Mug Set is designed to add a pop of color and fun to your mornings. The bright orange hue is sure to make you smile with every sip.

Jyamiti- Coffee Mug ( Set Of 2)

The Jyamiti- Coffee Mug Set is a celebration of traditional Indian designs. The intricate patterns on these mugs add a touch of culture to your coffee sessions.

Dove Blue Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

Embrace the tranquility of the Dove Blue Coffee Mug Set. The gentle blue shades offer a serene backdrop for your daily coffee rituals.

Blue Ombre Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

Our Blue Ombre Coffee Mug Set combines the calming effect of blue with a gradient design. This set is perfect for those who appreciate soothing and stylish aesthetics.

Black Ombre Coffee Mug (Set Of 2)

For a dash of sophistication and mystery, the Black Ombre Coffee Mug Set is the ideal choice. The dark gradient adds an element of intrigue to your coffee breaks.

Dasara - Coffee Mugs ( Set Of 2)

The Dasara - Coffee Mugs are inspired by the rich traditions of the festival. The intricate designs and vibrant colors make these mugs a unique addition to your collection.

Byah - Coffee Mug ( Set Of 2)

Celebrate the union of two souls with our Byah - Coffee Mug Set. These mugs feature intricate designs inspired by traditional Indian weddings.

Tea Cups and Saucers

For those who prefer tea over coffee, Mason Home offers a stunning selection of tea cups and saucers to enhance your tea-drinking experience.

Pichwai - Tea Cup Saucer ( Set Of 2)

Enjoy the delicate artistry of our Pichwai - Tea Cup Saucer Set. The intricate designs add an element of culture to your tea sessions.

The Staple Tea Cup (Set Of 6)

If you're a tea connoisseur, The Staple Tea Cup Set is perfect for you. This set of six cups ensures you always have a cup at hand for your tea cravings.


Kulhads are the epitome of Indian tea culture, and at Mason Home, we offer a range of stylish and traditional options.

The Ganga Kulhar (Ivory)

The Ganga Kulhar in Ivory is a classic choice for those who appreciate the traditional charm of kulhads. These cups are perfect for enjoying your tea the Indian way.

The Ganga Kulhar (Old Rose)

For a hint of vintage elegance, The Ganga Kulhar in Old Rose is a delightful choice. These kulhars add a touch of old-world charm to your tea-drinking ritual.

Kulhad - Beige (Set of 2)

Our Kulhad in Beige Set offers a blend of tradition and modernity. These beige kulhads are perfect for those who appreciate a contemporary twist to their tea-drinking experience.

Kulhad - Savannah (Set of 2)

The Kulhad in Savannah Set brings a rustic and earthy feel to your tea sessions. The warm colors are reminiscent of a cozy afternoon in the wilderness.

Kulhad - Cyan (Set of 2)

Experience the cool and calming effect of cyan with our Kulhad in Cyan Set. These kulhads create a soothing atmosphere for your tea enjoyment.

Cups and Sets

Our collection of cups and sets offers versatile options for both coffee and tea enthusiasts.

Male Tea / Coffee Set

The Male Tea / Coffee Set combines stylish design with practicality. This set ensures you have the perfect vessels for both your coffee and tea rituals.

Unique and Miscellaneous

If you're looking for something truly special and unique, Mason Home has some delightful options.

Blush Cup (Set Of 2)

The Blush Cup Set adds a touch of elegance and softness to your drinking experience. The blush pink hues make every sip a luxurious affair.

The Confluence Cup (Indigo)

The Confluence Cup in Indigo is a celebration of art and culture. The rich indigo colors and intricate patterns create a visual masterpiece in your hands.

The Confluence Cup (Monsoon Grey)

For a more subtle and calming experience, The Confluence Cup in Monsoon Grey is a perfect choice. The muted grey hues create a soothing atmosphere.

Blossom Mug (Set of 2)

Our Blossom Mug Set is a tribute to the beauty of nature. The delicate floral designs on these mugs add a touch of grace to your coffee or tea sessions.

Magnolia Mugs (Set of 2)

The Magnolia Mugs are inspired by the timeless beauty of magnolia flowers. These mugs bring a sense of elegance and serenity to your sipping experience.

At Mason Home, we believe that your choice of mugs and beverage accessories can significantly enhance your daily rituals. From the stylish and contemporary to the traditional and classic, our collection has something for everyone. Elevate your coffee and tea experiences with our carefully crafted mugs, cups, saucers, and kulhads.

Explore our full range of mugs and beverage accessories to find the perfect addition to your collection. Choose Mason Home for quality, style, and uniqueness in every sip.

Tips and Tricks to Choose Your Perfect Mug

Selecting the perfect mug can be a highly personal and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find the ideal mugs and beverage accessories for your collection:

  1. Consider Your Beverage: Think about whether you'll be using the mug for coffee, tea, or other beverages. Some mugs are designed specifically for certain drinks.
  2. Material Matters: Choose a material that suits your preferences. Ceramic and porcelain mugs are popular for their durability, while glass and stainless steel offer a modern touch.
  3. Size and Capacity: Determine how much liquid you prefer in your mug. Some like a smaller, espresso-sized cup, while others prefer larger mugs for a hearty drink.
  4. Design and Aesthetics: Think about the design, color, and style that resonate with you. Your mugs should reflect your personality and enhance your drinking experience.
  5. Handle Comfort: The handle should be comfortable to hold, and the size and shape should be easy to grip.
  6. Heat Retention: Consider whether you want a mug that retains heat for longer or one that cools down quickly. The material plays a significant role in this aspect.
  7. Cultural Appeal: Explore mugs that connect with your cultural preferences or heritage, adding an extra layer of meaning to your daily ritual.
  8. Collection Building: If you love variety, consider collecting sets of mugs with different designs, allowing you to choose the perfect one for any mood or occasion.
  9. Care and Maintenance: Check if the mugs are easy to clean and maintain. Some materials and designs may require more care than others.
  10. Personal Touch: Lastly, don't forget to add a personal touch to your selection. Your mugs should resonate with you and bring joy to your everyday moments.

With these tips and tricks, you can make an informed choice when selecting your Mason Home mugs and beverage accessories. Enjoy your drinks in style and comfort every day.

Begin your journey to the perfect mug today. Explore Mason Home's collection and elevate your daily sipping experience.

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