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Well, after reading our last blog all of you might be aware about why artificial plants are modern day favorites. But what is equally important is to choose the right planter. While, Faux plants are a great way to add a natural and exquisite touch to every room, but with the array of options available it can get daunting to find the perfect fit. Fear not, our expert guide will help you choose the perfect planters that will accentuate your oasis and create an inviting ambiance for any occasion.


Before anything else, assessing the space you have is vital. Bold, statement pieces like Aurora Tall Planter commands attention in spacious rooms. In comparison to Small Midori Planter, which is ideal for a compact room, tabletop or bathroom to illuminate the empty space that portrays sophistication. Also, consider the lightning of that corner to select the perfect fit. 

This is an image of Aurora Tall Planter on www.masonhome.in     This is an image of Small Midori Planter on www.masonhome.in

2. Consider the Style and Design

The planters should seamlessly match with your existing home decor theme. Contemporary, minimalist or bold, select the one that blends in or makes a statement. Select planters that infuse a burst of colors or texture into a neutral space by incorporating design and vibrancy. In addition, blend in various sizes like Mulu Textured Vase to create a wholesome look and feel. It pairs well with everyone you already own! 

This is an image of Mulu Textured Vase on www.masonhome.in     This is an image of Mulu Textured Vase on www.masonhome.in

3. Choose planters that mirror your personality

Integrate a touch of your own personality and style to any space through planters. If you have a bold personality then opt for Madison Planter Set, while if you are someone who prefers minimalist and simplistic things then go for Beverly Fluted Planter. Consider incorporating planters with intricate designs that add depth and a touch of luxury to your lounging corner. 

This is an image of Madison Planter Set on www.masonhome.in    This is an image of Beverly Fluted Planter on www.masonhome.in


Invest in well molded, premium quality planters to ensure its durability and longevity. It promises functionality without compromising on style and offers timeless elegance. High quality materials like iron, ceramics, metal uplifts the corner and adds details to your oasis by giving a fresh and a natural look to the surrounding.

5. Personalise with Accessories

Add in thoughtful and unique accessories like pebbles, moss to create an eye-catching focal point. It helps elevate the visual appeal of the planters and creates an art that is crafted to flaunt.

This is an image of pebbles on www.masonhome.in  This is an image of mossball on www.masonhome.in

6. Versatile

Weave fresh, lively spaces with versatile planters that go with every setting and style. It offers smooth transition and flexibility with a perfect fusion of style and durability. Decorate your home with timeless classics with a hint of luxury and comfort.

Maintaining the elegance of planters is equally important. From its intricate designs to the textures, require regular dusting and wiping. Wipe it using a soft, damp cloth. Place your planters in corners where exposure to dust and dirt is less. Organise periodic deep cleansing to maintain the charm of the classics.

Remember the essence lies in the intricate and minute details. Let your personality and style shine through with the planters you choose and also add to the ambiance you wish to create. Invest in quality planters carefully crafted with premium materials, add that extra touch of home grown elegance with thoughtful accessories, most importantly consider the space and opt for a classic that complements with the interior. Experience the delight of staying in, because there is no place like home!

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