Checklist for your Bathroom Essentials

Checklist for your Bathroom Essentials

Are you planning to move into a new home or revamping your existing bathroom? Want to recreate a bathroom that feels luxurious? 

Bathrooms are often gone unnoticed, but they are an oasis of relaxation and unwinding. A well decorated  bathroom speaks about your taste, style and personality. It’s a space where you start and end your day, an experience that rejuvenates and adds a sense of tranquility between the chaos of daily life. 

However, it is equally important to know the aesthetics of a luxurious bathroom. Keep reading for a bathroom essentials checklist and transform your bathroom into a haven of sophistication with perfect fusion of style and durability.

Enhance your daily rituals with Mason Home’s Bathroom Collection. From bath mats, bathroom sets to towels and organisers, infuse a touch of luxury in every detail you add. 

When you sit and list down the things you need for your bathroom, make a separate column for the “Essentials” that one would expect as a necessity.

To start with, towels are the first and foremost thing you can’t do without. Our Bamboo Towels range is made with pure Bamboo Fiber that makes it soft and bouncy. The premium quality helps in fast absorption, maintains the softness and feels gentle on the skin.

This is an image of a towel on  This is an image of a towel on


To pair with everything you own, a minimalist yet simplistic bathroom set is an essential addition. Features dustbin, soap dispenser, glass and a stand, designed to embody the epitome of luxury. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the sleek design and premium material upgrades your casual experience to a luxurious experience. 

This is an image of a bathroom set on  This is an image of a bathroom set on


Provide a warm and cozy post shower experience with Plush Bath Mats. Meticulously designed with soft absorbent material, it offers a non-slip mat ensuring safety and stability. Covering from basic bath mats to sunflower, cloud bath mats and beyond, suits any decor and space. 

This is an image of a bath mat on This is an image of a bath mat on This is an image of a bath mat on 


Upgrade the way you store your tissues with premium quality tissue cover, adding elegance to your space. Decorative, minimalist and elegant Tissue Box Cover is an essential component that adds a soft touch and creates a luxurious atmosphere. Made from Faux Leather, it adds detail to your bathroom and keeps the tissue organised with easy accessibility.

This is an image of a tissue box on  This is an image of a tissue box on

Other than the basic necessities, you need to oomph your bathroom haven with few accent pieces and hand towel stands to make it visually appealing. 

The Melrose Hand Towel Stand will accentuate your bathroom vanity. It instantly infuses your bathroom with a sense of luxury and indulgence. The vertical design allows to maximise space while adding a stylish accent to the room. 

This is an image of a melrose hand towel stand on 

You can also consider adding a napkin holder that can be used to place a few hand towels and artificial succulents to add a natural and rustic touch, accent pieces, and candles to brighten your space with mindful, design centric pieces.

This is an image of a napkin holder on This is an image of artificial succulents on
This is an image of accent piece on This is an image of a candle on


Drawing inspiration from nature and blending in contemporary touch, transform your bathroom experience. From a simplistic bath mat, tissue box holder to a matching bathroom set, every detail will bring in calm and rejuvenation. Let this mood board allow you to inspire and create your own bathroom oasis of relaxation and a perfect ambiance for any occasion.

This is a mood board of Bathroom Essentials on Pinterest

With Mason Home's Bathroom Collection, the blend of style and durability becomes the epitome for your sanctuary. From the soft feel of Bamboo Towels to the sleek elegance of minimalist bathroom sets, every element assures both functionality and aesthetic flair. Embrace transformation, where every addition creates an ambiance of serenity for any occasion.

- Mason Home

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