How to Style : Living Room Aesthetics

How to Style : Living Room Aesthetics

Step into a living room, a space where comfort blends with style, a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment and to create lasting memories. It serves as a main hub which does not only speak about your personality and style but also sets the stage for an inviting atmosphere with visually appealing aesthetics.

Whether you are a lover of modern contemporary style, a minimalist charm, or a monochrome fanatic, this blog will help you create an oasis that is cozy yet exudes sophistication and richness. 

Contemporary Room

If you are someone who loves their space to be modern with no rustic feel, where pieces bring in freshness. Contemporary rooms are your style! Characterized by clean lines, rounded shapes and sleek finish design that incorporates timeless appeal. Opt for a neutral color sofa and throw in a shell shaped cushion, a seaside inspired accent for your living room. To uplift the sofa, add in a knitted throw blanket, a perfect blend of style & comfort. For a seamless blend of functionality with aesthetic appeal skip the boring side seating chairs, and upgrade to a luxe pouf. They add texture and a hint of luxury to a dull space. Seoul Rectangular Coffee Table will contribute to the overall look and feel bringing together various elements in that space. This contemporary coffee table offers a practical surface for daily essentials. 

This is a product image of Shell Pillow - Grey on  This is a product image of Knitted Throw - Beige on
This is a product image of Alexandria Quilted Beige Velvet Pouffe on This is a product image of Seoul Rectangular Coffee Table - Brown on


Minimalist Chic Insta Worthy

Want your ultimate hanging out spot to be a chic insta worthy looking space? The aesthetic is all about effortless style, decluttered and captivating where every detail whispers luxury. It is eclectic, thoughtful and unique allowing their vibrancy to shine through. Create a bright and airy atmosphere that feels refreshing with our Slim Travellers Palm Tree. It brings in that chic insta vibe by accentuating the corner. Lit it up with a bubble candle, and an accent piece adding a charm to the corner.  

This is a product image of Slim Travellers Palm Tree - 5 Feet on This is a product image of Alp Bubble Candle on
This is a product image of Luxe Dragonfly Accent on This is a product image of Luxe Owl Trinket Tray on



More color is better in some cases, but try out a monochromatic hue palette that can be simple yet chic from top to bottom. Just imagine an all white room or a space covered with gray from floor to ceiling. It helps add dimensions and a focal point to the space. If you opt for a white color flooring and ceiling, add in a Boucle Arc Pouffe that offers a comfortable seat yet serves as a stylish accent piece. For your center table, consider purchasing the Seoul Center Table.  Crafted for durability and timeless appeal, the white finish adds a touch of modern elegance to your decor. For that greenery touch, bring the beauty of nature amongst the rich white monochrome space with our Artificial Succulents that will help revive and create various moods and aesthetics in your living space.

This is a product image of Bouclé Arch Pouffe on This is a product image of Seoul Center Table - White on
This is a product image of Artificial Havana Succulent on


Colorful, Curated, Grand

Accentuate your living space into a vibrant haven with a curated, colorful, grand style. Weaving together a place with a mix & match of colors to create a visually dynamic place. From majestic design centric pieces like Kovo Rattan Table, Artificial Japanese Camellia Tree to Doha Velvet Pouffe, and Acropolis Gold Vase. Each decor is thoughtfully selected to reflect your personal preference and add a pop of color.
This is a product image of Kovo Rattan Table on This is a product image of Artificial Japanese Camellia Tree on
This is a product image of Doha Velvet Pouffe on This is a product image of Acropolis Gold Vase on

For some living room essentials inspiration, check out the moodboard that creates cozy comfort effortlessly. From plush cushions, soft throws to multi-purpose center table and couch armrest, weave joyful space.

This is a mood board of living room essentials on Pinterest

Mastering the art of living room aesthetics is about choosing the right color palette, matching furniture, elegant and unique design pieces that will transform your living space. Whether you are trying to create a contemporary style or a monochromatic look, it should bring whimsy and comfort to your living space with the art that is crafted to flaunt. The oasis should speak about your personality, your style to experience the joy of staying in. Let this guide help you transform from a house to home!

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